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Astronomic Dimensions in Mass Spectrometry

Modular Multi Application High Performance Mass Spectrometer AMD QuAS³AR


Double focusing magnetic sector mass spectrometer of the new AMD compact class in special EB configuration incorporating the unique AMD QuAS3AR Detector Technology with simultaneous multi-channel ion detection system

Miniaturization of AMD QuAS³AR Technology results in:

AMD Mini QuAS³AR, a new API-MS Mass Spectrometer

AMD Mini QuAS³AR.pdf

Evaluation Model of the miniaturized AMD QuAS³AR API-MS system

ESI-MS spectrum of Alkali Metals in a 10-5 molar standard mixture

Standard Products:

Classical and special AMD Magnetic Sector mass spectrometers

Innovations in the Analytical Instrumentation Business

The AMD QuAS³AR is designed to meet the demanding challenges and applications for mass spectrometry in Life Sciences, Environmental Analyses, Chemical Research and other Areas

The future orientated AMD QuAS³AR mass spectrometer combines all advantages of magnetic sector, time of flight and quadrupole technologies resulting in an unmatched summation of success parameters:

Quality of Analyses, Sensitivity, Speed, Specificity, Accuracy, Resolving power = QuAS³AR

A unique combination of ionization techniques results in outstanding features including GC/MS, LC/MS and CE/MS methodologies

The experimental version of the AMD Mini-QuAS³AR is a double focusing mass spectrometer based on a Mattauch-Herzog ion optical design with a straight focal plane suitable for the incorporation of an array detector for simultaneous ion detection in a wide mass range.

Emphasis regarding the API interface and the analyzer design has been placed to the analysis of low mass ions.

The Evaluation Model of the new bench-top Mass Spectrometer AMD Mini-QuAS³AR is equipped with an Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) Interface

Implementation of alternative Ion sources  like EI or CI for specific applications is possible

System Tests have been performed in different ionization modes with the API Interface:

ESI-MS Elemental Trace Analysis of Alkali metals in water

APCI-MS Trace Analysis of volatile organic compounds in ambient air

GD-MS Trace Analysis of volatile organic compounds in ambient air