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Notes of the Founder

After the first applications of mass spectrometry using magnetic sector technology about 100 years ago for the  identification of isotopes this analytical method has proven over many decades to be one of the most important analytical tools for identification and quantification of chemical compounds. Today mass spectometry is used in research and analytical laboratories all over the world. Amoung others, major areas of application are environmental protection, health care, biochemistry and pharmacology, monitoring of synthetic chemical reactions, food and  industrial process control. Rapid world wide fast developments of information technology, electronics, automation and miniaturization have driven continuous innovations of mass spectrometric technologies and resulted in high complexity. The necessity of simplification for users, automation and cost reductions created the trend for dedicated systems in the market place.

My involvement in mass spectrometry begun during scientific research activities in the early 1960´s and continued over a period of time in development and management positions in the analytical instrumentation industry. Since the foundation of AMD Intectra GmbH in 1982 my vision of a company philosophy was to establish an atmosphere of trust among company, customers, team members and business partners. We adhered to this vision until today and pursue it as a target for the share based sister company AMD Analysis & Technology AG, which took over in 2005 the operational customer related business..

Several years of intense research by expert teams have resulted in an extensive product line of high performance magnetic sector mass spectrometers, which were designed for a wide range of applications where they meet high quality standards. Our mass spectrometers of modular design were designed to fulfill most laboratory requirements but also offer flexibility for specific customer needs. They have been developed from experts for demanding expert users. 

Over the last years a trend from sophisticated instruments yielding multi application functions towards dedicated, smaller as well as cheaper instruments dominates the market demands. As a result we made efforts to miniaturize our unique innovative, multi application product AMD QuAS³AR and to prepare a product for specific dedicated applications. Recent technical and application notes indicate uniqueness and remarkable capabilities, specifically in environmental analysis, process control and elemental trace analysis. We expect that this new concept benefits specific scientific research as well as routine analysis in a wide range of market areas.

The vision for our corporate enterprises includes the demand to achieve sustained success by creating a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our efforts are directed to exploit the innovative technologies combined with new strategic corporate concepts which include sharing of our technological basis and our know-how with partners interested to join us in the execution.      

We adhere to our principles: competence, performance, and reliability. We continue with our efforts to be a reliable partner for our customers and business partners, today and in the future.

Karl-Heinz Maurer                                                                                                
President & CEO                                                                                                                                    July 2012


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