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The technological basis for the evaluation of a new innovative business segment: The miniaturized System AMD Mini QuAS3AR

A unique and superior solution for the analysis of low mass elements and molecules

AMD Mini QuAS³AR.pdf
  • Evaluation Model of the new bench-top Mass Spectrometer AMD Mini-QuAS3AR, equipped with an Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) Interface

VOC Analysis: Corona Discharge mass spectrum of Ethyl acetate in ambient air at ppm level

  • Emphasis regarding the API interface and the analyzer design has been placed to the analysis of low mass ions. The system incorporates the significant advantages of magnetic sector mass spectrometers for qualitative and quantitative analyses of low mass ions regarding peak shape, resolution and abundance sensitivity. The API-MS interface and the mass analyzer are integrated with a multi-stage turbo pumping system.
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The AMD Mini QuAS3AR represents our efforts regarding a future orientated innovative product development. The key aspects are unique selling propositions and special analytical performances which can't be met by other technological solutions so far available in the market place.

Supplementary, we describe in short-form some technical aspects of the miniaturized API-MS System, considered to be the basis for various dedicated product versions.
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Previous Application Notes describe some results obtained with the existing API-MS Evaluation Model:


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