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Information on strategic aspects

AMD Analysis & Technology AG is currently in the process of defining new corporate strategies which are related to the opportunities related to the current technological achievements described in the business development page of this website.

The evaluation of opportunities for exploitation of new innovative business segments are currently ongoing. Selling propositions of a product family, based on the evaluation model of the AMD Mini QuAS3AR, are unique compared to other technological solutions. Specifically for the analysis of small molecules and low mass elements significant growth and profit chances are expected in market segments like environmental and industrial process analysis, pharmaceutical and health care applications.

AMD Analysis & Technology AG as a share based company, so far family controlled, is now in the position to invite investors for participation as supplementary share holders and co-owners. Jointly, with financial and/or strategic investors we expect a growing, profitable and sustainable business.

The Company pursues changes in the corporate strategy which offer future partners to participate in the opportunities based on the technological platform and the available know-how. 


Note: The content of this page describes public intentions and plans of the company, edited in July 2012. 

The information may not describe the actual situation at a later date since the page may not be updated continuously.

In case of interest to receive updated and more detailled information, please, navigate to Contact and send us an e-mail or call us with refence to "business development opportunities".